Change the Inside to Change the Outside: How the Two Work Together to Reface the Business

Rebranding is often perceived as a full visual and customer overhaul. The color palette shifts. The products change. From the eyes of the consumer, the business has taken on a new image. This is easily applied to the changing of the website design or a switch of the logo, but these things are often purely perfunctory. They imply change but they don’t mean change.

In a marketing sense, they could be valuable tools to learn how to improve your business image. Make the business seem a little different without putting in the extra work needed to actually make it different.

Of course, this isn’t really useful or productive of a business wants sincere change. Implied change does not last very long, as good as it may work for marketing. Structural change is perhaps longer lasting. Companies can change the inside of their firm to change the outside. This is a structural rebranding that provides the real change. It lasts a little longer than a color switch.

Transforming Business Image

A company may want to change their business image due to a recent and drastic mistake. They may want to recognize a switch in hands or to promote a new product endeavor. All of these are good reasons to rebrand. They can potentially transform the business image.

Talent Pool

Switching it up on the back-end may not immediately have the effects hoped for. These things take time. Changing up the talent will provide the long-term changes needed. It shakes up the office dynamics. It gets new people in the house to offer fresh and unbiased views. The business is surrounded by new potential faces.

It is a fantastic way to usher in a new energy. It is then complemented by a rebranding effort, such as a switch in the logo or a web design change. These things announce that the business has new talent and new initiatives.

The inside structural change will eventually change the image of the business. But, adding a few small changes could help make this more visceral and transparent for the customers. Complement the interior change with a new exterior paint job.